Corporate Social Responsibility

Galaxy embraces Corporate Social Responsibility at all levels within its organisation. While the Company strives to deliver value to shareholders through its activities, it is also firmly committed to delivering lasting value for the local and global communities in which Galaxy operates and therefore looks to conduct its business and operations in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Mt Cattlin

Mt Cattlin was the first mine site in Australia to have real-time solar tracking panels as part of its power generating requirements. In total, 15 state-of-the-art solar panels were installed, with the ability to track the sun in all directions throughout the course of a day and have the capacity to generate 214 MWh of renewable energy annually and promote savings in CO2 emissions.

In 2018, Galaxy hosted its annual Mt Cattlin community sponsorship program “Pitch your Project” – an initiative which provides the local community and not-for-profit organisations with an equal opportunity to apply for financial support from the Company to advance their proposed initiatives. Galaxy staff implementing the program met with 50 local stakeholders representing approximately 10% of the region’s population. Overall, 28 applications for funding were received and, following an internal assessment, Galaxy provided funding to the local community to support the relevant initiatives.

James Bay

Galaxy is in preliminary discussions with the Cree Nation of Eastmain in northwest Quebec, in relation to an Impact and Benefits Agreement (“IBA”). Once finalised, it is anticipated the IBA will outline a range of initiatives and benefits that will go towards supporting the local James Bay community.

Sal de Vida

The Sal de Vida project is located 80km away from the nearest hospital, meaning that the inhabitants of the neighbouring village at Cienaga Redonda and the surrounding areas do not have easy access to health services and medical support.

To help bridge this gap, the Galaxy Sal de Vida team carries out a program of medical visits with medical professionals to these villages and through this program, the health status of local community members is monitored, with the necessary measures taken if a serious condition is detected. A communications link has also been established with the community to ensure that assistance from the nearby Galaxy Sal de Vida camp site can be requested if required.

Galaxy has also collaborated with local educational institutions and government departments to assist in educating teachers, students and other professionals about the sampling and chemical analysis of lithium brine, water and soil, with a view to allow those individuals a potential opportunity to support the development of the Sal de Vida project.