Health & Safety

Galaxy is fully committed to the health and safety of individuals who may be impacted by its activities.
Galaxy promotes a culture in which safety is an integral part of its business activities by:
  • consulting employees in regard to safety initiatives and accident prevention measures;
  • delivering induction training and on-going instruction to ensure that all personnel understand their responsibilities and Galaxy’s expectations for working safely;
  • providing and maintaining safe systems of work which ensure that hazards are identified and controlled; and
  • monitoring safe work practices to ensure continual compliance
Further efforts around safety performance reporting are now focused on building capacity and defining positive performance metrics, including indicators that best correlate to the welfare of Galaxy personnel and its communities. Galaxy strives to achieve an injury-free workplace. Its safe systems of work are continually developed, implemented and reviewed with the goal being to successfully prevent all injuries and work-related illnesses sustained by employees and other personnel, directly or indirectly involved with the Company.
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