Mt Cattlin Community

Mt Cattlin is a stable and reliable producer of high-quality lithium concentrate and Galaxy is committed to being an exceptional corporate citizen to the surrounding communities of the project by:

Maximising social and economic benefits

  • Ensuring the health and safety of all staff and stakeholders
  • Minimising any potential environmental impacts
  • Conducting transparent and respectful engagement with all community stakeholders
  • Maximising local employment opportunities and prioritising qualified local workers
  • Providing appropriate training and skills development where possible
  • Evaluating and supporting mutually agreed upon community development initiatives

For Further information on Mt Cattlin click here: and the Company’s sustainability practices click here: all information can be found at

Galaxy values long-term relationships with the communities in which it operates and recognises the importance of regular and transparent communication. Engaging in this manner is aimed at ensuring local stakeholders have a clear and current awareness of Mt Cattlin’s operations and any impacts those activities may have on them.

Galaxy is committed to minimising any adverse impacts arising from its operations and ensuring that any issues or concerns are addressed in a meaningful and timely manner. Community members and stakeholders are encouraged to contact Galaxy directly or through the Community Consultation Group,


In 2018 (August), Galaxy established a Community Consultation Group (“CCG”) to provide a platform for the community to communicate directly with the Company. The CCG conducts regular meetings and also aims to improve the social well-being of individual groups and organisations of the local community.

The CCG consists of ten members, eight from the community of Ravensthorpe and two from Galaxy’s management team at Mt Cattlin. Community members are encouraged to contact a CCG member directly for any concerns or issues they have regarding Mt Cattlin’s operations.

Sue Leighton
M: 0407 981 301
E:[email protected]

Geoff Fairhead
M: 0429 389 023
E:[email protected]

Ian Dickinson
M: 0428 381 259
E:[email protected]

Keith Dunlop
M: 08 9839 0000
E:[email protected]

Gavin Pollock 
T: 08 9839 0000

Fiona Philson
T: 08 9852 3000

Kim Bennett 
M: 0427 383 213 
E:[email protected]

Ken Norman 
M: 0428 396 055 
E:[email protected]

CCG Minutes

Environmental Reports


T: +61 8 9839 0300
E: [email protected]

Brian Talbot / Executive, Australia Operations
Keith Muller / General Manager
Megan Anderson / Environmental Advisor  
Katie Morgan / Community Liaison

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