Galaxy’s corporate strategy establishes a platform for growth to create a sustainable, large scale, global lithium chemicals business.

Galaxy recognises the importance of undertaking its operations and activities in a sustainable manner to deliver mined materials to the market both responsibly and ethically.

Further information on the Company’s sustainability approach is outlined below and detailed in the 2020 Sustainability Report.

Galaxy’s sustainability framework

covers the following five core themes.

Health & Safety

Environmental Stewardship

People Focus

Social Responsibility

Economic Responsibility & Governance


Health and Safety is Galaxy’s utmost priority as everyone has the right to a safe workplace.

Galaxy is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all personnel and individuals who may be impacted by its activities. Galaxy promotes a culture in which safety is an integral part of its business activities by:

  • consulting employees in regard to safety initiatives and accident prevention measures;
  • delivering induction training and on-going instruction to ensure that all personnel understand their responsibilities and Galaxy’s expectations for working safely;
  • providing and maintaining safe systems of work which ensure that hazards are identified and controlled; and
  • monitoring safe work practices to ensure continual compliance.
Galaxy strive to achieve an injury-free workplace. Galaxy’s safety performance reporting and safety initiatives are included in its annual Sustainability Report.

Galaxy’s Health and Safety Policy is available here.


Galaxy is committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner by understanding and minimising the potential impacts of its operations on the environment.

Galaxy aims to continually improve its environmental management system and performance while taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, consumer needs and community expectations.

Galaxy reports on environmental management activities, including impact assessment, climate change, pollution, water stewardship and biodiversity in its annual Sustainability Report.

Galaxy’s Environmental Policy is available here.


Galaxy strives to attract and retain quality people to enhance a culture that celebrates diversity, empowers employees and promotes integrity in all activities.

Galaxy greatly values its people and recognises that their contributions are fundamental to its success and growth. As an equal opportunity employer, Galaxy is committed to promoting a positive culture that fosters professional development and diversity. Wherever possible Galaxy employs people from local communities.

Galaxy reports on its workforce profile and initiatives in its annual Sustainability Report.

Galaxy’s Diversity Policy and Equal Employment and Harassment Policy are available here.


Galaxy aims to be an active member of the communities in which it operates and strives to improve the wellbeing of such regions. The Company recognise the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with its stakeholders across the globe.

Galaxy believes in regular, transparent engagement aimed at ensuring local stakeholders have a clear and current awareness of Galaxy’s activities and any impacts those activities may have. Galaxy works closely with local communities to minimise any adverse impacts arising from its operations.

As part of making a valuable contribution as community partners, Galaxy seeks meaningful long- term relationships that respect local cultures and create lasting benefits. The aim is to support the development of diversified and resilient local economies that contribute to quality of life improvements that continue beyond the life of operations.

Galaxy reports on its social responsibility initiatives in its annual Sustainability Report.


Galaxy is focussed on growing value and returns for all stakeholders and recognises its responsibility to uphold good governance practices.

Galaxy conducts its business in accordance with the laws and regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which it operates and adheres to governance practices mandated by its Code of Conduct, Company values and community expectations. Galaxy’s  Code of Conduct is available here.

Risk management is an intrinsic aspect of Galaxy’s business. Galaxy’s Risk Management Policy is available here.

Galaxy has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. The Company’s Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy is available here.

Galaxy believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and it is committed to respecting the human rights of all individuals impacted by Galaxy’s operations. The Company’s Human Rights Policy is available here.

For further detail on Galaxy’s economic responsibility and governance please refer to the annual Sustainability Report.
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